Where Icing on the Cake is located:

7002 W. 83rd St.
Overland Park, Kansas 66204

Easy to find. Go to the intersection of 83rd and Metcalf, in Overland Park. Turn East on 83rd street. Look immediately to your left. There is a small strip mall. Icing on the Cake is right next to Wok and Roll. Phone (913) 381-4233 (if lost, or running late, call cell (816) 898-0910)

E-mail: icingonthecake@att.net Please include information about your wedding reception location and your reception date. (in the subject line please)

You are welcome to contact me through e-mail or phone. E-mail is a great way to track conversations. If the weather is inclement, I can e-mail from home. If phone calls are not returned within 24 hours, you are urged to call again, or send an e-mail to follow up. Rarely phone calls are not returned, but if you are not contacted, I apologize, please send an e-mail.

Some dates book six months to a year in advance. Some weeks are blacked out and no more cakes can be taken, this includes specialty or special occasion cakes. Some weekends cupcakes are not available. Let me know before we meet if this is something you are thinking about for your event.

Bridal fairs can be very helpful if you think about what you want from them. Take a camera, get pictures of things that catch your imagination. Fine tune to your style. Only keep cards of the wedding professionals that you intend to contact.

Also, consider making a new e-mail account for wedding things. If you sign up for something at a Bridal Fair, your name might be given to companies that might interest you, however you might want to check into them after the wedding. Make sure your Wedding professionals are in an e-mail that you will check frequently.

Good luck and enjoy the planning!

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Icing on the Cake
7002 W 83rd ST

Overland Park, 66204

Phone: 913 381-4233

E-mail: icingonthecake@att.net






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