Cake Flavors: White, Almond, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Marble (any 2 flavors) Spice, Yellow.


Each tier of cake is Cake/icing/cake : you can have more than one flavor in each tier of cake. Like a Lemon/strawberry tier or my favorite, Almond/Chocolate! Something to think about!

Optional Fillings  ($10 per tier) There will always buttercream, these are an option to add to the buttercream:
Chocolate Fudge

If there is a flavor you would like, please ask.

White (vanilla) butter cream, Almond butter cream or Chocolate butter cream are not an additional charge.

Other cake flavors are popular in the Midwest. We can definitely talk about what you would like to serve to your guests. Red Velvet stains, I will only make it with the understanding that I am not responsible for your wedding attire (dresses, tuxes, including anything that you might have a deposit)

Your cakes are made the week of your event. The icing is home made butter cream. Most cakes are just $5.00 to $5.50 per serving. Some cakes from magazines or Pinterest start at $5.75 per serving. Any cake serving 100 or fewer start at $5.50 per serving.

Fondant is an alternative to butter cream icing. It covers the cake to a smooth finish and raises the cost to $6.00 per slice. ($6.50 per serving under 100) Please take a look at my wedding cakes, they are all butter cream iced. Fondant is an alternative, but may not be necessary.

If you choose to supplement my cake with another bakery, friend or family member, I may withdraw my name from your vendors. Please do not have a discount bakery do sheet cakes for your wedding. Your guests will not know the difference and my reputation is at stake.

Cake servings are calculated in increments of 20. If you are having 186 guests, please decide if you want cake for 180 or 200 guests.

Cupcakes start at $5.50 per cupcake. Minimum of 24 cupcakes. Flavors are limited with a small order. Some weekends Cupcakes are not available. Please let me know if it is something you are considering before we meet please.

Ribbon and Bling: All ribbon and Bling must be provided by the bride. I will calculate the amount you will need. For example, a standard 4 tiered round cake serving 200 people would need approximately 5 1/2 yards of ribbon. Fondant ribbon can be used in place of real ribbon at an additional $10 per tier.

Bows: Fondant bows can be made in various styles. Top bows, fluffy bows and side bows. Fondant bows are an additional $10 per tier. Colored bows other than white or black, are $20 per tier.

Flowers: Must be provided by the bride or your chosen florist. Hand molded flowers can be made, but they will be an additional charge. Sometimes real is a better choice for cost.

Mints:  $30.00 per hundred. Mints are made from Guittard chocolates, in a round disc, with a white rosebud on each.

Delivery:  Prices vary due to distance and difficulty. Starting at $50. for Kansas. Starting at $55. for Missouri (I deliver my own wedding cakes, so distance or difficult venues on popular weekends most likely will not be available. You can pick up your cake, but would not advise if the cake is bigger than a 3 tier. Cakes will not be loaded into a car on a seat or in someones lap. (You will require an SUV or a Van, with a flat space for the cake.) Sunday Deliveries start at $65.

Grooms Cakes: Start with basic decoration at $5.50 per person. Fillings are additional as are specific decoration. No Copyright figures may be reproduced, without written permission. If you would like to contact your favorite sports team, or school for reproduction, please send me a copy of the agreement with a signature from the management. If I am not making the wedding cake, I will not be available to do a grooms cake. If someone else is making a grooms cake for your wedding let me know in advance. I may have to ask you to choose someone else to make the wedding cake. My reputation is important to me.

Equipment: There is an equipment deposit on the plates and pillars (Heavy plastic, not wooden dowels) that are used in the construction of the cake. This deposit (a separate check) is returned to the bride upon the return of my equipment.

Payment: Is due no later than the Monday before the event. Please send an E-mail to me, 2 weeks before to finalize numbers and design. (you send an e-mail to and ask for the questionnaire) Call at least one month in advance if you would like a face to face meeting, before we finalize. (to get on the calendar) Checks or Cash only please. If your cake is not paid for, prior to the date of the event, your cake will not be delivered.

Deposit required to hold your day and date. If deposit is not secured, your date may no longer be available.

Some weeks book 6 months to a year in advance. Dates may be blacked out and no other cakes can be taken, this includes specialty and special occasion cakes. Hope to hear from you! It is never to early to check with your first choices, they might be the ones not available for hire, closer to your event!

Thank you for reading and happy planning!! Lynne

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