By paying attention to detail, I make my own homemade butter cream icing, using real butter. Fondant covered cakes are pretty, however may not suit the palette. Most cakes can be iced in butter cream to look like Fondant.

Being a member of the International Community of Cake Decorators, I.C.E.S. I attending convention each year to further knowledge of the decorating arts. I am a founding member of the Classic Confectioners Cake Club.

Please send an e-mail to I would be happy to check my calendar for your date. Please let me know where the reception will be held. Distance can be a factor on busy dates. You are welcome to call the shop, (913) 381-4233. E-mail inquiries will be answered as quickly as possible. Telephone inquires are more difficult to respond, as summer months the shop is largely closed during the heat of the day.

Please ask about availability for special occasion cakes. Some dates are closed due to weddings. Some weeks are blacked out six months to a year in advance.

Thank you!

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